What the Pros Say

Francis Kringle, of The Blandford Club in Massachusetts, tested our putter at the Orange County National Golf Club at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day. Francis, a PGA professional since 1974, claims the Pearl Putter is, “The best thing (putter) I’ve ever found.” He went on to sink over 24 straight putts. Francis went on to say, “The putter breeds confidence. It is a subconcious teacher.”

Read his entire review below:

Thank you for allowing me to use the prototype.

It’s performance is very positive. I am still going through the learning curve but I find that the design is pushing me to all positive and correct position that enhance my abilities.

The design allows me to concentrate on stroke and distance and as I use it alignment becomes less and less an issue.

Positioning the putting more in the middle of my stance allows for instant correct alignment. The balance of the putter is fantastic and impact is very solid. For me the face and the head disappear, the line jumps out and occupies my total field of vision so alignment is unbelievable.

The putter breeds confidence. It is a subconscious teacher. It pushes me to a more correct and conventional method. I find myself leaving the green with more and more confidence even after missing a putt because the putter gives me so much feedback that when I asses my stroke I can see that I have compromised proper set up through bad habits that as soon as I correct to the proper position I make the putt.

I know this sounds crazy as a professional but putts under 3 feet always left me upset. I would hit the putt and they would go in but not dead straight never perfect. I knew I was not aligned perfectly. Now dead center all the time. Still having distance judgment issues but those will be gone in a day or so.

I have not read anything on your web site because I want to experience the putter without any influences. I wanted to use it my way.

You have a product that if you understand the elements of putting it will teach you in very specific ways.

1. Alignment..Holding the putter correctly and for myself in the middle of my stance squarely I am in perfect alignment almost every time and I can call it in advance.

2. Head and face are no longer an issue I only have one item to concern myself with and that is the white line. It fills my field of vision and narrows my focus and builds my confidence. You know in advance you are lined up.

3. Balance is unbelievable putter is not heavy or light it is balanced so well that I get tremendous feedback from the head on the stroke. You have a very good shaft that is firm and responsive without kickback so there is no play, everything is very tight and in synch. So the head feel to shaft is terrific, lots of feel you know where the head is all the time.

The key to improvement in golf and growing the game is to have equipment enhance a player at any level performance. Pick it up and it works. This putter does this in spades. The more I putt with it the more I understand how to use it. As a professional I understand all aspects of putting and how to improve. But I must state that I have been less successful in the past because of alignment issues and putter feed back issues. I have taught many people to putt and do very acceptably but never become great. That is because putting was something you had to really work at for hours and years or you were born a good putter. If you can’t line up you can’t line up period. As of now that is not the case with your putter. What you have got here is a subconscious putting teacher that pushes you to improvement.

What I am experiencing now is unconscious putting. Very little self talk, very little technical self talk, and a whole lot more intuitive and instinctive putting. For the first time I am putting totally by feel because alignment has improved so much.

I am experiencing UNCONSCIOUS PUTTING I am putting fully engaged with alignment and target and feel. That is good stuff. Thanks for your confidence in my view point and I will give you more feedback as I continue to play.

– Francis Kringle