Accuracy Made Easy

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It’s not often a putter comes along that revolutionizes the game of golf. But there’s a brand new, innovative putter that is causing quite a stir. We’ve named it the Pearl Putter. And what the graphite shaft did on the fairway, this new adjustable putter could do on the green.  In short, it could turn the putter industry on its tee. The Pearl Putter can instantly make you more consistent and more accurate.  It’s because no matter your putting stance, the putter head is aligned perfectly square to the ground… which lets you sink putts with less strokes — over and over again.

Our bright engineers here at Pearl ProSports used this “square to the ground” concept when engineering what could very well be the next generation putter.  They accomplished this through a patented gear-system which allows you to adjust the lie angle. The lie angle is one of the most overlooked mechanics of putting. If your current putter doesn’t feel “comfortable” or if you scuff the green during your puts, then your putter’s lie angle could be at fault.

But chances are, your current putter’s lie angle is fixed and cannot be adjusted. So here’s where the Pearl Putter comes in… the Pearl Putter’s lie angle can easily be adjusted. No more scuffing. No more discomfort during your putts.

And the best part is this: customizing the lie angle for your stance is very simple. Included with the putter is a key that allows you to adjust the lie angle from 60 degrees to 80 degrees of center. You can try one angle, and if that doesn’t feel right, you can easily put another degree of lie angle in there. Find the angle that feels the best for you. As your game and stance change, so can your putter.

Another feature of the Pearl Putter is it’s unique shaft design. This advanced shaft geometry channels the stroke force directly into the back of the golf ball for improved balance and feel. This special geometry also allows for a better visibility of your ball-to-sight line. The Pearl Putter gives you more confidence knowing that your putter head’s momentum is transferred to the ball exactly where you want it to be. This feature gives the ball a nice roll off the strike and is less likely to jump as you putt.

If you’re the least bit interested in dramatically improving your putting game — with seemingly no effort at all — you may want to beat the crowd and pre-order your Pearl Putter today.