Customize Your Putter

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Customize Your Putter

The Pearl Putter couples custom ergonomics with personalized aesthetics – allowing you to make your putter as unique as you want. It’s a putter that feels good and looks good.

Let’s start with ergonomics.  Ergonomics are important because you don’t putt well unless your putter feels comfortable. While most putters are designed for the “industry typical” stance, our engineers here at Pearl ProSports have decided to push the envelope of putter design and modularity. Hence, the development of an adjustable putter – a putter that you can adjust to your stance.

What makes the Pearl Putter adjustable is its patented gear system. This technology allows you to adjust the lie angle. The adjustable lie angle is important because it allows you to align the putter head perfectly square to the ground for your particular stance. This results in a sweet impact and improved consistency and accuracy. If you’re not comfortable with your lie angle, then you can experiment with different lie angles. Accompanying every Pearl Putter is a special tool that makes this adjustment easy to do.

The next step towards ergonomic comfort being able to select your shaft length. The Pearl Putter comes in a variety of lengths ranging from 32” to 43” in length. Choose the length that best suits your stance.

You also have the ability to choose your grip length and grip diameter. Some people like jumbo grips, some like average grips, and some like skinny grips. Get the grip that feels right.

Whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, Pearl ProSports provides this option for you too.

And finally, if you prefer a different face insert or custom grooves, then give us a ring and we can probably do it for you.

It’s evident that the Pearl Putter can be customized from an ergonomic aspect, so now let me explain how you can customize the appearance of your putter to look good too. The Pearl Putter comes in over 21 different color options, finishes and patterns – camouflage, white marble, gun metal gray, titanium, blue, red, green, silver, and pink to just name a few. You can get these colors in either a gloss or matte finish.  Some people want their putter to stand out in a crowd, and some want it to blend in.  If we don’t have your desire color listed, then just ask us and we can probably customize it for you.

To top off the customization process, make your Pearl Putter unique with some custom engraving. We can engrave your name, team’s name, company name, nickname, favorite quote, phone number or anything else you want engraved on your putter. If you can dream it up, we can engrave it on the putter.

Call us at (800) 568-0023 to start customizing your Pearl Putter right now.