Pearl Putter Features

Pearl has just been named “The Most Innovative” putter of 2012.

It’s not often you hear the term “Most Innovative Putter.” Reason is: there hasn’t been that much putter innovation over the years.  There have been blades, then mallets, and gimmicky alignment cues, space-ship geometry, fancy colors, face inserts, and alternative materials for “this and that”. But none of these supposed innovations have really “evolved” putting.  Every year, the hopefuls purchase the latest and greatest putter, only to be let down after realizing that new putter didn’t lower their score. And the cycle repeats… and the anticipation builds… for the innovation of ”next year’s model.”

But we optimists, here at Pearl ProSports are about to turn putting on its tee. We’ve just designed a game-changing putter that we call the Pearl Putter. After years of frustration on the green, this putter was engineered with performance in mind. And performance it delivers.

Francis Kringle, of The Blandford Club in Massachusetts, tested our putter at the Orange County National Golf Club at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day. Francis, a PGA professional since 1974, claims the Pearl Putter is, “The best thing (putter) I’ve ever found.” He went on to sink over 24 straight putts. Francis went on to say, “The putter breeds confidence. It is a subconscious teacher.”

The Pearl Putter is a “feature showcase.”  They’re not just features for the sake of features.  These features were all designed with a specific benefit and end results in mind.

With that said, here’s the feature lineup:

Feature #1:  Patented Self-Adjusting Lie
 Adjust lie angle from 80° – 60°
Result: Accurate putts require a lie angle that aligns the head parallel to the putting surface.  Your stance is unique and now there is a putter exclusively made to fit you.

Feature #2: Oversized Sweet Spot
Benefit: Center shaft design reduces twist
Result: Off-center hits will travel straight, increasing putt accuracy that can lead to lower scores.

Feature #3: Center Shafted Design
Benefit: Stroke force is concentrated directly into the ball
Result: The center shafted design results in an optimum moment of inertia (MOI). Increased MOI makes the Pearl Putter highly forgiving.

Feature #4: Highly Visible Sight Line
Benefit: Easier Alignment
Result: Custom hosel and shaft design create an unobstructed view, allowing natural alignment. The Pearl Putter simply “lines itself up.”

Feature #5: Milled Grooves and Optimum Face Loft
Benefit: Starts ball rolling immediately
Result: Reduces ball skid, giving a more consistent roll through trajectory.

Feature #6: Precision CNC Milled Billet Aluminum Head
Benefit: Softer feel on impact
Result: Less vibration, great feedback and a sweet sound.

Feature #7: Symmetrical Balanced Head
Benefit: Perfectly weighted face, heel and toe
Result: Produces a neutral feeling stroke path that builds confidence.