Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered below please feel free to contact us.

Question: “Does the Pearl Putter conform to USGA rules?”
Yes, the Pearl Putter conforms to USGA rules.

Question: “Is the Pearl Putter patented?”
Yes, the Pearl Putter is patented and we have another patent pending.

Question: “Where can I purchase the Pearl Putter?”
Currently, the only place to purchase a Pearl Putter is directly from Pearl ProSports.  Please call our sales team at (315) 283-3577 or email us at sales@pearlprosports.com to place your order.

Question: “Do I need to visit a Pro Shop in order to adjust/fit my Pearl Putter?”
No. You can adjust the putter yourself. Included with each putter is a special key and instructions. It’s very easy to adjust.

Question: “Are you able to customize the putter in more options than are listed?”
Yes, we can customize the putter in almost any way you desire. Contact our Sales Team and they’ll take care of you.