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About Us — Pearl ProSports

Earl Pottorff, the inventor realized that putters have had little innovation over the last few decades despite the fact that it is the most used club in your bag (used up to 3X more often than your driver).  He understood that loft angle had an affect on putting accuracy unless the putters sole was perfectly flat to the ground.  We felt that manufacturers of putters had concentrated more on visual alignment than technical innovation. Having over 20 US Patents in our possession, we embarked on a journey to create one of the worlds most innovative putters.  After extensive engineering we began prototyping the “adjustable lie” putter.  After several months we had a design that we felt would revolutionize the game of golf.  We first applied for a patent which we were granted after about 6 months.  This was then followed by an application to the USGA for conformance.  Our first prototype was rejected.  We made two more submissions over the following 12 months until we finally had achieved conformance, not an easy process by any means.

So today, we’re offering what we believe is one of the most engineered putters in the world.  You’ll note that the putter has a unique hosel design that is not by accident.  It is documented that center shafted putters give superior balance and stroke confidence.  We engineered our hosel to enter the putter low and parallel to the ground.  This way the stroke energy concentrated directly into the back of the ball giving you immediate roll as the it leaves the putters face.  In addition this design offers an unobstructed view of the entire sightline to assist in better alignment.

Adjusting the putter is as simple as 1-2-3.

1-  Unlock the two “locking screws” on the bottom with our “T-handle” tool included with every putter.
2-  Insert the special “red flag” tool into the putter, turning clockwise to lower the toe or counterclockwise to lower the heel.
3-  Then take the “T-handle” tool again and tighten the locking screws until you hear the familiar click.  It’s that simple.

We have found that most golfers are unable to see if their lie angle is correct while they are positioned above the putter.  Even 1º-2º off will affect putter accuracy.  However there are two simple ways in which you can dial in your perfect loft angle.  Simply stand facing a full length mirror in your home with your putter in your stance.  This view gives you an accurate look at your lie.  The other option is to have a friend stand in front of you on the practice green to let you know if the toe or heel of your club is up.

The putters are quality CNC machined from billet aircraft grade aluminum and hand crafted right here in the USA.   Remember in addition to adjusting your like we have three unique additional features because of our hosel design.  First you can see the entire sightline.  Second it puts the energy of your putt directly into the back of the ball and lastly it creates a perfect balance from heel to toe and face to back creating perfect MOI and a massive sweet spot.

Pearl’s putters start at $249.95 for our basic color models.  Our dynamic colored putters and baked on color wraps are available in a couple of weeks time at $295.95

I invite you to feel the difference.  Finally a putter that creates form, fit and function tailored specifically for you.  The results of a balanced putter that is dialed in for you are amazing.  We are so sure you’re going to love this putter we’re offering a 30 day money back guarantee if not fully satisfied and returned within 30 days of purchase.

Call us at (315) 283-3577 to customize your putter today!